Our car was broken early morning today (Sunday April 6th 2014) around 12:30-1:00 am. We’d gotten home from an event around midnight and settled on for the night. We woke and did our daily things and found at around 3:30 in the afternoon that the front passenger window had been smashed and our things rummaged through.

In the pictures you can see the glass on the ground and the broken window. The person went through all our things including my mothers portable oxygen tank visible in the third picture. At the time it does not look like they have taken anything but this is not the first time we have been invaded.

Please be warned if you live in Tacoma Washington near Lincoln High School and near 38th street please be safe. Please reblog this to let everyone know that people need to be safe. We did not leave the car in an open area; it was in a covered carport with closed gates. Be safe and have a good night.